Riding The Wave

The other day I came up with this idea for a website that would piggyback off this extremely popular application with about 30 million active users.This particular application has been in the spotlight for quite sometime but never more than recently due to a lot of  headlines news. It is seeing tremendous growth at the moment and doesn’t look to slowdown anytime soon. See the attached image to get an idea of how fast this application is blowing up. To put it in perspective, it reached a million users faster than Facebook.

The beauty of this application that it is 100% community/user driven and the users like to share which is very important for us. This means that the website general maintenance and upkeep would be fairly easier than usual thanks to the abundance of user content available at the moment and even more so in the future. All we have to do is aggregate the content available and self publish it ourselves. This content would be unique to an extent.

I ran the idea across my forex trading buddy and he was as excited as I was. We both thought it was a pretty good idea, especially seeing that this particular application can only get bigger from here on out and timing was on our side. Our website idea wasn’t the first actually, but we are the first to have a site that is consistently updated, has beautiful graphics, and has our own twist of humor.

That day me and my buddy dropped everything we were doing to focus on this website. By the end of that day we had a functional website that was ready to start publishing. In order to get the word out there, we dropped a few mentions on message boards and started to participate actively on Twitter, a first for both of us. We then started to update the site multiple times per day to get in Google’s good graces. This got the ball rolling and needless to say, our expectations for the website have been blown away thus far. Here’s a look at the growth from day 1 with 0 visitors to day 7 (yesterday) where we hit 750 visitors a day! Now that is impressive for a new website.

The website is only a week old so we don’t want to get ahead of our selves but things are looking positive. Majority of the traffic comes from search (Google) at 43%. This is because lots of the content we have targets long tail keywords which we rank for pretty well due to low competition. Another large traffic source is social media because we are engaging with our audience here and there and getting noticed. Not only that, people reshare our content which is very important. In a sense, our content is viral worthy. I doubted the power of Twitter but truth be told it can be powerful.

We have pretty high expectations of what the site can do once we pick up steam. The application the site is focusing on is reaching the same level as its competitor application which gets 2 million searches a month (7.5 mil worldwide) and has 50 million active users supposedly. If we ride this site out and continue to do what we need to do, we hope we can capture a piece of those 1-2 million searches a month and receive xxx,xxx monthly visitors.

The reason why we want the volume of visitors is because the site topic and content is very hard to monetize. There’s very little we can put on it to monetize except for Adsense. Simply put the more traffic we get, the more we can earn. Speaking of that, we’ve already recouped our costs for the site and any miscellaneous expenses associated. Not bad right?

For now, we’ll keep doing what we do in terms of updates and marketing and make this a long term project. With the hit levels increasing, users constantly submitting their content, and fans continuing to follow us on Twitter/Facebook, we think we’re onto something. We’ll keep you updated.