Two Week Update

To follow up with the last post about our latest project, it has blown away our expectations. It’s now been two weeks since we created it so I thought it would be important to discuss the growth and mention a few milestones. With that said, look at this traffic analytics screenshot that encompasses the two weeks thus far. A picture are a thousand words…

That’s right, we hit 2700 DAILY visitors in 2 weeks. Here’s some important milestones:

March 26 – Site launched

April 2 – 743 DAILY visitors (1 week in). Mondays are usually peak days.

April 7 – First 1000+ DAILY visitors days (1037 actual). Even better on a Saturday which is supposed to be slower.

April 8 – 1800 DAILY visitors. Again on a Sunday no less.

April 9 – Nearly 2700 DAILY visitors (2 weeks in). Mondays are usually the peak days.

Some other cool miscellaneous things to note:

- The spread of website and content throughout web.

- Noticed by a few bloggers and talked about.

- A former professional athlete followed us on Twitter.

- Constant user submissions on daily basis.

- Growth of fan base on social sites (Twitter/Facebook) and mentions on other social sites (Tumblr/Pinterest).

- Earning revenue through Adsense daily.

- Constantly about ~20 people people on the site as of today.

- A competitor trying to sell us his site which generates the same number of monthly visitors that we do on a DAILY basis.

As you can see we pretty good expectations of what this site can do for us in the long run. At this rate we can possibly expect 100,000 monthly unique visitors. As the traffic increases, as does the revenue. Not bad for 30 minutes of upkeep a day. We’ll see what happens!